How to Score the BEST Home accessories during the Anthro Sale


Hi Loves! Today we have the Best of the Best when it comes to getting great deals at Anthropologie! I love to stock my home full of beautiful everyday pieces and for me that includes, dishes, pots, planters, chairs, napkins.. you name it I want it to be beautiful and unique. But this obsession of mine comes with a cost and a rather high one if I didn’t watch myself so I have a few secrets that I follow to make sure that when I pull out that plate or dish it brings me joy!
*Anthropology is not just a source for amazing clothes, its a warehouse of some of the best dishes, silverware, tables, chairs , bedspreads…. etc. Their home section is so fun and you don’t want to miss it! But you may just want to “window shop” until their sales begin!
* When it comes to dishes shop those at the 30% off!! They do sell out quick and then pick a few more up when the sale goes to 40% off.
* When it comes to furniture pieces wait until the 40% off. They typically don’t sell out and starting at a larger price tag that extra 10% off makes a huge difference so wait and be patient.
*When it comes to linens such as bedspreads, drapes, shower curtains, start shopping at 30% off and if your absolute favorite item happens to be on sale then buy it then!! The most coveted linens do sell out quickly. If you want an amazing bedspread but aren’t picky with pattern or print wait until the 40% off because there are always one or two left to choose from.
Happy Shopping!! Secrets of how to get the best Clothes during the Anthro Sales coming tomorrow…..


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