[CACTUS CHRONICLES] Childrens Museum of Phoenix


Happy Friday and welcome to another edition of Cactus Chronicles. If you are new here, each Friday we feature Arizona and the many amazing places to go, shop, eat, and explore. Today I’m taking you to  one of my all time favorite places , The Children’s Museum of Phoenix. If you have kiddos they are going to LOVE this museum. It is award winning and truly one of a kind. When my girls were little we spent time here every single week, and they never got bored. In fact, they would quickly ask when we could go back. I feel as a mom I owe this museum a huge thank you for sparking my girls imaginations and tapping into their creativity and allowing them to be whimsical and carefree. Although my small babies have grown this museum is still a favorite .

Let’s dive right into why this museum is a dream. When you first walk in you are greeted by the coolest climbing structure that is 3 stories high and has a famous clawfoot bathtub and so many more cool items making up this structure. When the kiddos first see this I love the look on their faces because it is pure bliss. The second floor will take you to the art room, where there is typically a large structure the kiddos can paint and then several art stations to tap into their artistic side. There is also little bikes where the kiddos can ride through a carwash. Oh and a tent room full of blankets and pillows and clothespins to make your own tents (i’m too afraid of lice so we don’t go in there, ha! ) The third floor is my girls favorite because it has the most fun supermarket and kitchen you can imagine. My daughters spend over half their time in these room, running around playing store manager, keeping the warehouse stocked and working the cash registers, they love it! They also have a fun “noodle farm” that you just have to experience. There is a sensory room as well as a car racing track to race small cars. This floor also houses the babies room which is a dream i tell you , oh man when my girls were under 2 we loved it in there!! There is so much more to discover and explore so I urge you to go there and have fun! 



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