Back in Business and Goals


Hi Loves! 2018 has me feeling excited and conflicted all at the same time! I’m ready for a fresh start, being back on a schedule, making new goals and freshening up my home. But on the other hand, I’m sad the holidays are behind us, constantly needing to shop is no longer needed, ha!, and treating each meal as though I’m celebrating something huge isn’t necessary or welcomed. But I’m keeping my mind positive by looking forward to the new Bachelor , which I still haven’t watched, creating more content for the blog and planning out trips I hope to take with my family ! All these things excite me and gear me up for what I feel is going to be the best  year yet!!

For the last few years I’m sad to admit I got out of the habit of creating goals at the beginning of the year. Yes, I would write goals down throughout the year but there is something to be said about starting each year off with long term and short term goals! I loved getting back into that this year and maybe because of that have been more excited! Without further adieu here are my 2018 Goals!!


Family Goals:

*Speak more kindly to one another. This is our big family focus and goal this year. My girls are getting older which means more sass not only from them but from me … so we are nipping that before it becomes common place, haha!

*Serve more …..we kind of started this last year but are continuing it for 2018. My husband and I love serving alongside our girls at different organizations and started 2017 off really great but allowed the busyness of the fall and winter to hinder our momentum so we are amping it back up again. Some of our favorite places to serve are : Feed my starving Children, Food Shelters, and Phone a Friend. We hope to do more service at our Children’s Hospital and Orphanage this year.

*Play more games….we love card games and board games but by golly we have a hard time finding time to play them! I want my girls to grow up remembering playing games with their family so we are dedicating our Sundays to “game day” and by game day I mean one game! We like to keep our goals realistic around here, ha!

Personal Goals:

*Refocus on my health – as I was reevaluating 2017 I somehow came to the realization that I hit a major slump when it came to taking care of myself. Yes I worked out and kind of ate healthy but I have some health issues that make it  pertinent that I remain in top notch health! I’m not talking about being skinny or gaining a six pack (although i wouldn’t complain if either happened, haha) but recommitting to drinking my 100 0z of water everyday and eating healthy 90% of the time and putting effort back into my workouts! I’m excited!

*Create More Joy – Heres another hard one to explain because I feel Joyful. I’m grateful for everything I have and I am a firm believer that being grateful allows you to feel Joy. However this past year I allowed myself to focus on old wounds and past trials that were hard. I found myself swallowed up in those emotions that I have healed from and that I had moved past. So I’m going to control my thoughts more and not allow myself to focus on the past but rather the present, and by doing so I believe I will be filled with more Joy!

*Be more Present – this applies mostly to when I’m with my girls but putting my phone away and truly enjoying each phase and stage and story they want to share with me. Also being present with my Hubby , we spend a lot of time together but I’m sad to admit a lot of that time is mixed with devices, weather its the t.v, phone or laptops. So being with him and listening to him when none of those distractions are present is a goal. Putting them away to truly engage.

Fun Goals:

*Travel somewhere internationally

*Get botox between my eyes… yep I’m admitting that and not ashamed, haha!

*Travel somewhere new within the United States

*Plan out date night  – I have gotten so lazy when it comes to date night! It’s always last minute and there are never any plans. So I’m wanting to plan at least 2 a month to get us out and about having fun together.


Would love to hear any goals you guys may have! I have a few others that are more easy like Making my bed everyday, getting dressed ( i’ve gotten way into pajamas, haha) and smiling at people every chance I get! Love goals and love writing them down to hold me accountable.




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